>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

Have you watched The Martha Stewart Show which is in its fourth season now? Each episode of the show included several segments related to cooking, interior design, gardening, crafts, and other topics related to the domestic arts. Boy… I did learn a lot of new stuff watching her show on my local TV network. Did you also notice that she had a great kitchen layout on her set? It’s so simple and yet sophisticated. If you study carefully, it’s actually on the higher level of the Chelsea Studio overseeing the skyline of New York City. It’s so panoramic.


How I wished my kitchen would be as great as hers. Just look at how systematically arranged her utensils were. I could not ascertain well but that looked like the enclume pot racks I have heard so much about. Not only would the rack holds all the pots and pans you have in the kitchen, it sure proved the culinary skills of a seasoned cook. With all my pots and pans being cramped in my kitchen cabinet, I ought to get one to ease the hassle of digging deep into my cabinets during each cooking session.

Although having an enclume pot rack might cost me slightly above a couple of hundreds for a simple one, I guessed it would be a necessity that I cannot deny myself. Having watched Martha’s kitchen each week had made me more determine to own one soon. Now what design should I choose to suit my needs and to blend in well with my kitchen?

There are so many options to choose from ranging from the ones made of hammered steel, stainless steel, chrome plated, brass plated or even copper plated. With a soft colored wall and majority of my pots and pans being stainless steel, I would think a stainless steel oval shaped enclume pot rack would suit my kitchen well. There would be no more hassle, no more excuses not to cook some healthy meals for the whole family now!


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